Where do rich poker players live?

These professional poker players will leave you green with envy. The way they live will leave you wondering if they have a spring that showers money on them.

The sight of their homes can make you look at yours and sigh in disappointment. Sometimes, you dream of amassing a pile of cash and heading off to procure that gorgeous duplex by the beach or in the gated community.

There is one thing stopping you, and that is the lack of money, as many of the amazing homes in the world are very expensive, more than a regular person can afford. However, if you live in the UK and have mad poker skills, you can make that money in no time thanks to “no tax on gambling winnings” law, as our friends over at Solicitors Guru mentioned in their recent online casino analysis.

Gambling is a lucrative business, where a lot of people earn and lose big lumps of cash. Billions of dollars are made yearly from gambling, and some gamblers are living a rich life. Here is a list of top players that are doing very well in life thanks to their skill.

Daniel Negreanu

Lives in a great apartment that is the definition of splendor. It screams of wealth and style. A magazine could feature this apartment, and it would leave the lips of those around open.

What can you expect after winning close to $32 mln dollars? Daniel won one of the highest money prizes of all time and dominated the WSOP for around two decades.

When he is not showing his awesome poker skills at the table and being watched by gambling enthusiasts, he is chilling in his Nevada mansion. A lot of magazines and blogs continuously features this mansion. He ranks as having one of the best homes a professional poker player can have.

Daniel had his mansion customized to his taste to satisfy all his needs and desires. The mansion has such luxury things as a retro video games room, a pool table that spans for nine feet, an indoor golf course simulator, as well as a six-hole golf course.

David Oppenheim

David didn’t win as much as Daniel, but he is successful in his own way. He has won more than a million dollars and got himself a house that will leave others drooling.

His house has the best antiques, paintings, and photographs. Also, there is a giant fountain not far from the pool. Guests can enjoy the calming sound of running water looking at beautiful surroundings.

Barry Greenstein

Barry has won about eight million dollars and is known as one of the greatest poker players. He has a substantial home called Rancho Palos Verdes.

This Californian home has a massive staircase that would suit the royalty, red-carpeted corridors as well as marvelous velvet curtains. Barry has put up on his walls reproductions of the iconic paintings to decorate the place. In terms of functionality, this house is not lacking either. It has a big gym with an indoor swimming pool and waterfall.


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