Marriage & Family

Since this website is about Christian faith we are looking to keep it in good faith showing you the positive things about Christianity.  We as Christians believe that when you marry someone you have to be with them forever and this is true, we believe that marriage is very important and that you do marry someone you are not in love or have no intension to spend rest of your life with that person.

Marriage is not a joke you are committing to some that you want to spend rest of your life with them and would always protect them in front of Jesus. In this generation we believe that you can just divorce a person whenever you want to but you can’t it’s not easy the whole point of relationship is to be with the person whatever the circumstances are.

When you decide to have a family as well it is important you know what you’re doing ask yourself the question do I really want a family and if I do would I be able to take good care of them. Raising kids is not easy especially not easy if you’re a single parent. Life can get hard sometimes but you just have to live with it work together to find out what’s causing the problem.

Do not change the way you see your partner once you have been married. I think the key to a good long lasting relationship is the communication and able to trust your partner as much that they can have their own little freedom sometimes.

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