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Keeping in touch with friends and family when apart

In years gone by, keeping in touch with a loved one who was living a distance away from you was through letter and before that the telegram. During the Second World War, soldiers who were away from wives and girlfriends would be kept motivated through the receiving of love letters which reminded them that they were being thought about even though they were many miles away.

Today, people are separated for a number of reasons; the armed forces still being one of them. Other reasons are parents and their son or daughter who has moved to study at university, a couple who have to live a long distance relationship due to work or family commitments, members of the family who move to start a new life abroad and those who have made friends whilst on holiday and want to stay in touch after they return to the respective lives.

There are a number of ways to stay in touch and to keep up with all the news. This can include email, social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, text, telephone calls and of course, sending letters through the post.

Keeping in touch with friends and family when apart

A great way to stay in touch is through conference calling. This is where more than two people can be involved in either a phone conversation or a video conversation and is a great way for families to all talk to each other at the same time without the need to pass a phone from one person to another.

Conference calling is really straight forward to set up and use and whilst many applications are for use in business, it’s just as useful in a domestic situation. You can arrange a conference call service through one of the many providers if you have a long term need for this kind of communication or you can use a number of internet related services. Call plans and associated costs aren’t expensive for this kind of technology, there’s often the option of having a free conference call with screen sharing for those who want to use video facilities as well as the phone.

Conference calling was invented in 1956 and whilst it fell out of favour in the 1960s not long after its launch due to the cost and the problems with the initial technology, the birth of the digital era has meant that it’s now a part of everyday life with excellent audio and great video quality generally. For those who think it is something just used in large organisations and busy businesses, think again. It’s the perfect tool for the family who are spread far and wide across the UK and beyond and they are just as much part of the whole ethos of why conferencing calling was invented as the busy professional who is looking to save time and money on travelling to a meeting.

Conferencing calling can be used with normal telephones and it’s even easier with a smartphone as you can call the first person, use the Add Caller button and then just tap ‘Merge’ when the next person is on the line. You can even add as many as five people using a smartphone so if you’re out and about and have some great news you want to share, you can do this just as easily walking along the street as sitting at home watching the TV.

Some companies will require you to have specific hardware such as their own handsets, but many don’t and so you can use your own home phone. It’s often just a case of calling a specific number and then having a password or PIN to hand to enter and this activates the conference call service.

Being apart physically doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch so if you’re away from someone you love today or want to chat to a group of friends and feel you’re all in the same room together, check out call conferencing to bring you all that little bit closer together.

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A Guide To Discolouration In Outdoor Paving Stones In Melbourne

Have you looked out the window one day and suddenly realised that some of your outdoor paving stones in Melbourne have become discoloured? Unless it has been sealed with epoxy, polyurethane or another non-breathable material, natural stone is incredibly porous. It will absorb whatever it comes into contact with, often leaving a collection of ugly stains and discolouration behind. Salt and dirt from the underside of the pavers is also known to carry through.

Many homeowners decide to seal their paving stones in order to protect them from accidental staining and to reduce the risk of algae and lichens taking root in the gaps. Even with the use of a sealant, however, discolour may still occur due to the way that the pavers are made. This is partly due to the fact that most people only seal the surface of the stones, whereas they would need to seal all six sides (including the edges) in order to offer full protection.

Silicone and acrylic sealants are not recommended for natural paving, as the thick film of polyurethane can actually change the way that the surface reflects light and can make it slippery. Urethane sealants will minimise transmission, as well as reduce moisture and efflorescence release. They are also not overly recommended for natural paving. Many homeowners have also found that these sealants alter the appearance of their paved area.

What you should be using is breathable and penetrating sealants, as they leave the surface colour and slip resistance of your paving intact. The latter is often recommended for use around swimming pools and other wet areas. They help to avoid staining and discolouration as a result of both manmade and natural causes, as well as allowing the passage of moisture into and out of the stone as required. The former is used more commonly indoors.

Some of the natural reasons that discolouration can occur include:

  • Reacting with the mortar that has been used to lay the stones;
  • Scaly and powdery deposits (known as efflorescence) due to water loss;
  • Light reflecting and dark/damp patches due to changes in moisture; and
  • Leeching from substances within the concrete base.

It doesn’t matter what kind of paving stones have been used or what technique has been used to lay them – these pavers are a wholly natural product and, as such, there will be an inherent variation in porosity, colour, texture and grain size. It is actually not unheard of for one stone to become discoloured whilst its neighbours remain unaffected. This does not mean there is something wrong with the particular paver, it’s just a natural process.

We now hope that you understand the reasons behind outdoor paving stones in Melbourne becoming stained and are aware of the fact that it is not always something that can be prevented. Whilst we certainly encourage you to seal your pavers with an appropriate sealant, we must stress that there are plenty of natural causes for staining, too. Fortunately, it is possible to remove or clean this discolouration when you are trying to make a good impression.

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Modern Gazebo Design Ideas To Help You Choose The Best Location

There can be no denying the beauty and versatility of having a covered gazebo somewhere in your backyard – it’s a place where you can sit quietly and catch up on your latest novel; a place where you can nap without being disturbed by the kids; and a place where you can enjoy a meal with friends and family. This is why it is essential to find the perfect location, and we have provided some modern gazebo design ideas to help you achieve just this.

The best way to choose your gazebo’s location is to take a walk around your backyard and view the garden from different angles and spots. Some people even choose to take photographs of each potential location so that they can view them all together at a later date and choose the best possible view. It is also important to consider each of these questions, as they will ensure that you have selected the best possible gazebo location:

  • Do you want a view or do you want seclusion?
    Some people like to have spectacular views of the surrounding gardens from their gazebo, whereas others like the structure to act as a secluded hideaway in a niche somewhere.

  • What kind of sun exposure would you prefer?
    This will also play a role in the kind of roofing and walls that you choose for your structure. Think about how much sunlight and warmth you would like to penetrate the space.

  • Is the site level or will it require some work?
    If the site is already level, drainage will be much easier to arrange and install. If the site will need some preparation, you can expect the project to take long to complete and be more costly.

  • Are there any setback or zoning laws at play?
    Most local councils require gazebo designs and plans to be submitted for approval before work can commence. It is of the utmost importance that you are aware of any applicable laws.

  • Do you need it close to the kitchen for access?
    Some people like their gazebos to be located nearby to the kitchen for easy access, especially if they intend to use the structure as an outdoor entertaining area. Keep this in mind.

  • Do you need it poolside for shade and access?
    Some people also like their gazebos to be located nearby to the swimming pool for shade and easy access. This is, of course, only applicable if you have a swimming pool or spa.


By answering each of the above questions, taking a walk around your backyard and considering modern gazebo design ideas, you can rest assured that you will have chosen an ideal location. If you are unsure whether you have made the right decision or you are tossing up between a few locations, it can sometimes help to have someone else take a look – sometimes, a fresh eye is handy. You can then begin preparing for the gazebo to be built.

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· Why one should consider it—the family is the basic unit of the society and is always considered to be the source of encouragement, love and support. Sometime however the family also experiences problems that may even threaten its existence. If this happens then it is good consider going for family counselling because it is the best way that families having problems can get to solve their problems. Family counselling can help avert a more serious family problem such as divorce which mostly takes a big toll on children who are innocent victims in family feuds.

· What to expect from family counselling—when you go for family counselling you will most certainly meet with a counsellor. A family counsellor will provide you with private and non-judgmental support and everyone will be given an opportunity to give their views and feelings. The family counsellor will then help you to work out your differences in a sober manner and ensure that you resolve your family problem amicably. You will see that visiting a family counsellor in times when you are experiencing problems within your family will help you alleviate even more problems that may further arise as a result of just a simple family dispute.

· How can family counselling help you— family counselling has helped many families that had marriage problems to come back together and live harmoniously again. Family counselling helps families to communicate better and understand each other. You will find that most families when going through change always find it very hard to adapt to changes but with family counselling everything end up working out well. Family counselling has helped families that were experience conflicts and arguments to grow strong. If you are having problems with your spouse and contemplating a divorce it better to consult a family counsellor before making the final decision. Families within the EU can use the EHIC card to cater for the bills that may arise from family counselling services rendered to them.

· Family counselling will offer you help if you are having problems with your children—a family counsellor will offer you advice on how to deal with your difficult children especially if they are teenagers. Most parents always find dealing with their teenage children difficult because they don’t understand them. Visiting a family counsellor is a wise decision because trained family counsellors understand how better to deal with young people in an appropriate way. Family counsellors will advise you listen to your to your teenagers because children and especially teenagers appreciate being listened to.

· Family counselling offers help with family life and general parenting—Family counselling will help you in understanding and coping better with all the struggles, stresses and strains that come with family life. When you seek family counselling you will find valuable advice that will help you to build a stronger family. Family counselling will also help you to redress common family problems that most families face. Family counselling remains the best option to families that are faced with small and also big problems. Family counselling has helped save some families that were on the brink of collapse to stay together again in harmony.

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Understanding the Importance of Family Therapy

The concept of family therapy is extremely helpful. There are certain families which do not communicate amongst themselves and need a small impetus to make it happen. It is not necessary that there has to be a problem in the family for you to go and consult a psychologist; sometimes it is just necessary to create a conduit for the required conversation. But sometimes when the family is disturbed it is essential that you take professional help and make sure that the problems in the family be sorted out.

Family Therapy for all Family Situations:-

  • Sometimes it is necessary that all families undergo a situation where each and every family faces a series of professional aid in order that they sustain the entire family successfully. Sometimes all one needs to do is log online and look for certain tips for making the family environment to be conducive for every member of the family to be comfortable
  • There are certain aspects which you would find online where you may be pleasantly surprised to see that handling a family is actually very simple. So every family needs that time to figure out the respective glitches and make sure that you straighten them out.
  • The psychologists are professionals who have a formal education in the field of counseling. They have had the years of training and experience thus they know exactly what to do with your problems and give you ideas about how to solve it.
  • Parenting, family violence, family rituals, sex therapy etc. these are the fields where they specialize in and this includes a holistic approach to every aspect in the family.
  • The way the professionals approach the problems in a family is extremely structural and organized. First they address the issue and then communicate with the respective person with regard to the problem.
  • An open line of communication is the most important thing in every family situation. Sometimes it has been observed that these psychological inputs have helped people to overcome major factors in their life and move forward which are the most important thing for them.
  • The situations which generally trigger a therapy session are a divorce or a death in the family. These scenarios often include the child also. A separation in the family affects the child the most and most parents go for professional counseling in situations like this.
  • There are often supplement magazines and online websites which help one person to handle the precarious situations in the family.
  • These repeated sessions of a professional nature essentially transform the thought process of the family members to consider the ‘family’ as a single unit.
  • The manner in which the problems are addressed is very objective and the most important aspect is the opening up of the individual members with their set of opinions and feelings.
  • This is extremely important for the status of each member and helps in increasing their self esteem. Each member should have an individual niche in the family which they can exercise when necessary.
  • Every family undergoes a precarious situation once in a lifetime but it will depend upon the family as a unit to face the necessary problems. Effort needs to be taken so that these issues are immediately addressed to stop it from growing further.

Sometimes it has been observed that most teenage children undergo this phase of counseling. Along with having physical changes they also undergo a mental as well as hormonal transformation. They feel extremely out of place at this juncture and strive to find their individual identity. In these situations they need parents’ support.

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3 Features of Family Counseling

It’s so energizing when we first feel the starting sparkles of adoration. But we sometime feel like we’ve reinforced so rapidly that we know where the relationship is heading. It could be all consuming, an instant adoration. The draw towards blending might be extreme. This is particularly accurate in the event that we often feel uncomfortable with our estrangement. Thus, taking a couple of full breaths is often crucial. We may ask ourselves: What’s the hurry? Figuring out how to ease it off means we are interested in listening to one another and to giving it a chance to unfold. Here relationship counseling Brisbane comes in action

There are few experts who have come equipped with some methodologies to pacify the blaze between the two intimate partners.

 relationship counseling Brisbane


Approach Pacing

What is your style, your objective, and your desire when you approach towards a crispy new relationship? In the event that you are one who tries to be saved, for example, you will most likely present yourself as moderately aloof and in need, await  for your accomplice to make the power-turned moves. You could appear restless and sort of frightful of misfortune, swaying that accomplice to start consolation, offering more vitality and time to calm your misery. Then again you could be a hero, pushing in with exceptional and controlling endeavors to make certain your new accomplice feels overall solace in giving you a chance to lead the pack and save the relationship. In the event that your partner is accurate, you may give the feeling that you will dependably be in control, answerable for each subtle element and choice. Maybe your unique pacing seems more like an anthropologist, calm and attentive, with no obvious need to change or test your new accomplice’s decisions or convictions. Each individual has his or her approach pace. It will be the first sign another accomplice need to assess to fabricate the following part of the relationship. It is pivotal that you know your pacing style and are clear about whether that will change once the relationship is in rigging.


Inside relationship Pacing


When you have started a relationship, do you change your pace? In the event that your new accomplice accepts that your unique style is who you are, he or she may be charmingly or upsettingly astounded on the off chance that you change in any considerable way. For example, in the event that you have approached a relation with a compelling sexual pace, worried that your accomplice may not like you in any viable way, and afterward eased that route off once you feel more secure, you are prone to experience bafflement or dissatisfaction from him or her. Alternately, imagine a scenario in which you started as a kicked-back individual who appeared to be simple with any heading then pushed the pace when you needed more than what was imposed at the initiation level.


Inconvenience shooting and Repair Pacing


A few accomplices get to be exceptionally vexed and dire when issues emerge while seeing someone. The other accomplice may not be as upset and not present the same pace to comprehend the issue or may not see it as one whatsoever. On the off chance that this contrast happens, the distinction in pace could be more frightful than the real issue, itself. To make matters significantly more muddled, contrasts in pace between cozy accomplices can happen on every continuum; sex, cash, time, vitality, assets, and so on. It is such an imperative issue, to the point that new accomplices must make it a correspondence on the top of the list in their relationship.

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Setting up House after a Break up or Divorce

When you are going through a breakup or divorce you will be looking at a very painful stage in your life. Whether it is mutual, unexpected or has been a long time coming, when you have shared a home with someone for months or years the sudden separation will be an emotional roller coaster. You will have to face starting over again and setting up house alone may be very difficult. Here are a few ideas to help leaving the home you had together and setting up a new home easier.

Write Off

If you were in a particularly bad relationship it might seem easier to write everything off and start anew. Just keep in mind that once you do so you will have a very hard time trying to reclaim anything if you have a change of heart. Unless you were in an abusive relationship where you have decided to cut your losses and move away to be safe, it is in your best interests to try to work things out so that you are not faced with the hefty fees involved with furnishing a home. At the least you want to leave with the items you brought into the home. However some people really don’t want anything as they do not want to deal with the memories or the discussions required tokeep the items to which they are entitled. Knowing your legal rights will help you make the right decisions.

His and Hers House

Lighten the Burden

Once you have decided on a fair split of everything you can consider hiring a clearance company to help. A clearance company can come in and take away everything you don’t need and give you money you can then split so you both have cash to put towards setting up your own spaces. In fact a clearance company can also be the answer if there are items you both want. They can buy the item so neither of you get it and you can then split the money from the sale. There are a number of well-established companies out there, but one that comes to mind is Clearance Solutions – a team based in London.

New Beginning

Try to think of this as a new beginning where you have a chance to make a fresh start. Look for the best possible home you can afford so that you will be happier. You do not want to end up in a flat that is dull and sad as it will only add to your feelings of loss. Instead take a good look around and find somewhere that will give you a fair shot at happiness.

Make it yours

Your new home will be completely yours. For many this is the first time you have actually lived on your own. Living alone has many benefits including being able to do what you like when you like as well as having the chance to express your own tastes for décor. Take full advantage and take your time to decorate just the way you like.

As the song says, “breaking up is hard to do.” Using these tips will at least help make the physical move a little less stressful so you can move on.

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How to live in Love Hate Relationship

Love Hate Relationship alludes to a sort of a relationship in which your emotions about somebody or something frequently change between disdain and adoration. This mainlly happens when one you accomplice has wronged the other one. An love hate/relationship in that point at which you love them yet then you detest them however then you adore they and so at, yet to mine an hate /love/relationship, it’s when you are with somebody you have extraordinary affections for and after that on occasion he/she drives you up the wall yet it doesn’t make a difference to you on the grounds  that is the main point individual by end of the day,you need alongside you either be joyful or irritating.

Nobody wishes to end up in a love-hate relationship. At the point when individuals understand they are, normally they are frequently profoundly instilled in the relationship. At such time, there are just two alternatives. One is to split far from the relationship. The other choice is to repair an love despise relationship. This is not a simple errand, yet in the event that you can beat the impediments and recover offset to a relationship, you will have attained much and your relationship can move to another stage.
Love or Hate
In the event that your accomplice is ready you may cooperate to set up objectives to address the love and hate in your relationship. Then again, each of you should create a separate anticipate your own particular before bringing your bits of knowledge to the table for exchange once more. Comprehend that accuse ought not to be credited to the next individual or elements outside of yourself. Do note that components outside of yourself could be a trigger to love-abhor scenes; however they are not so much the reason for them.
How to live in Love Hate Relationship
Plot an arrangement of movements on an expert arrangement. Likewise with any objective in life, it is less demanding to achieve that objective when you have more modest developments to arrive at. To move you to your objective, you ought to take the first venture of choosing a period for arriving at your objective. As such, what amount time might you be able to agreeably contribute before your objective is arrived at?

Request the assistance of a few impartial companions. Impart your developments to them so they can aid with keeping you responsible. When you feel that your relationship has come back to the affection scorn state, these companions could serve as your team dancers, keeping your fuel smoldering while you handle this undertaking.

Keep up an occupied work/study plan. The objective is to differentiate your thoughtfulness regarding other more profitable venues. They don’t need to be work related or instructive. As long as they push self-improvement and devour a significant part of the time on your calendar, they are suitable exercises to serve as a preoccupation.

For sentimental connections, think about a short relax where the principle target of the excursion is to distinguish 1) the reason for your relationship; 2) the triggers to your affection detest vacillations; 3) the ways your accomplice could help decrease adoration despise scenes; 4) objectives you and your accomplice could commonly accomplish through this relationship/development good fortunes.

Not one result works for all affection scorn connections, however the way to determining the difficulty in an adoration detest relationship is to understand that amazing and regular vacillation between affection and disdain is bad. All things considered, having this acknowledgment is as of now a fruitful venture to determining the quandary. Whether you succeed or not at the end, you ought to take pride in taking the steps for yourself and your relationship.

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Learn To Relive Your Life After Divorce – Check How

Considered to be one of the most depressing realities of life, divorce can change a person’s life considerably. Irrespective of the time a person has devoted to that relationship or the reason for separation, going through divorce can be utterly painful. However, the even more difficult thing is to move on after divorce, which can be quite a challenge. As they say, life has to go on, thus it is important to forget about the past and learn to regain your confidence and relive your life to not let this one phase affect your future.


So the first and most crucial step is to accept the situation. If you will keep yourself trapped in that relationship then you will not be able to move on in life. You should understand that whatever has happened was bound to happen. You might have tried to make it work, but sometimes things are not in your control. Once you accept this, things will become pretty easy. It is important to remain hopeful and try to make a positive beginning. By adapting a positive approach, you will surely see a positive change in your behaviour as well.

The next thing is to find a company. After getting a divorce, it is the loneliness that people fear the most. As you have spent so much time with your partner, it can become difficult to suddenly be on your own. Not having anyone around to share your feelings or emotions with can make a person feel very alone. Having a few friends or family members around can be helpful. However, at such times you need someone who can provide constant support and help you get out of the situation as quickly and easily as possible. So you should try to go out and meet other people. It will help you to mingle with other like-minded people and find a companion you are looking for. You can also get in touch with companies offering services of Escorts Hong Kong.

Once you are successful in finding a few people, with whom you think you can spend your time, you can begin to lead a normal life. You should be willing to explore the next chapter and discover what life has in store for you. If you like watching movies, then you can catch up a few latest movies. Another good option is to go on a dinner or plan a brunch, as it will help you to know other people better. Actually you can try any activity, whether it is visiting the local art galleries, a new restaurant or a concert. Being with people you are comfortable with will surely make these activities a lot more fun.

Opening up with your new found friends about your feelings can help to release the emotions and you will surely feel much better. Getting in touch with Escorts Hong Kong services can also bring a positive change in your life. This will help you to see the bright side and start your new life post divorce on a positive note.

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Hero’s family wants to start a charity

Mr Petkov The family of the man who drowned saving a girl at west wittering beach has said they want to start up a charity for awareness of the threat at the sea.

The family other made a visit to where the brave man died and they were shocked to see people swimming in that area regardless of having caution flags in place.

A family spokesman said: “We are all incredibly sad to have lost such a special person from our lives but we are also immensely proud that Plamen was able to save the life of this young child.

The story was that a girl was on an inflatable and had some difficulty, Mr Petkov didn’t think a second to think and jumped in the water he got a hold of the girl and passed her to another rescuer, but exhausted he was taken in by the sea.

The women of the chiled tried to resuscitate Perkov but were unsuccessful.


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