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Three Simple Ways to Save More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

We all want to save money. If asked, we’d all likely jump at the notion that yes, indeed, we want more money in our savings account each month. But that rarely happens. What instead happens is that we see our accounts drained and our wallets thin, while our belts are tightening. But there are some simple ways to save some loot. We’ll give you three Savings Galore tips here.

Consider Savings a Monthly Bill

Experts say that the best way to save money is to consider it like an ongoing monthly bill. This means that you literally write yourself a check and place it in an account you don’t access each month. Think of it as your car payment. You can’t miss it.

Revisit Money Wasting Habits

Habits are usually the bane of most wasteful spending. So what habits do you have that you could counter to save more money each month? How about that every day Star Bucks coffee, those three beers you get at the bar after work or that expensive lunch you could have instead packed to bring to work?

Use Savings Galore for Everyday Needs

Saving money every day, on nearly everything, is the smartest way to save. With Savings Galore, you can do just that. Your active membership connects you to amazing cost savings on everything from ecommerce goods to farm fresh produce, pet care, health care, auto care, vacations, restaurants and nearly everything in between.

What if you could save ten percent or more on the things that you use and do the most? How fast would the savings stack up then? With Savings Galore it’s easy to stash your cash.

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Home and family; Smart money saving tips for working moms for their kids future

Saving for your kid’s future is one of the ways to secure a bright future for them. However, lack of awareness on the smart saving tips has made even the working moms to struggle sustaining their kid’s financial needs. The following smart saving tips will enable every working mom to save for the better future of their kid.

Start early

Every mom should start saving for their kids future early enough after birth because every little investment made will grow into a substantial investment.

Endowment warrant

This option allows moms to save using their child’s name for a specified period of time usually 10 years. The investment company allows their clients to purchase as many shares as possible in installments. During this period no income is accessible as all the dividends earned are re-invested. When the specified time period expires, the shares are then sold and the mom can use the gains to meet the needs of the child.

Managed shares and investments

Investments companies allow to their clients to open a child’s savings account and save using their name for the sake of their future. The clients are allowed to invest by buying shares worth any amount of money for a specified time frame. All the gains in terms of dividend are directed into the child’s accounts until the time period specified expires. The savings can be used to secure a good future for the child. The companies also allow investment of assets for a certain time period which can then be redeemed to meet the needs of the child. When the child reaches the majority age they can access the account to meet any of their financial need.

Insurance bonds

Some insurance companies allow their clients to invest their money with them for duration of at least 10 years. During this period they pay a certain percent of tax which has a tax free allowance for the final distribution. Moms can hold their investment in trust for the child and then redeem after the time period of ten years and all the accumulated benefits can be used to finance the needs of the child.

Prepaid tuition

Some schools offer plans for prepaid tuition at current rates which is usually low regardless of how much the fee rises. This option allows the child to secure a good education because the mom can pay the whole tuition until the kid completes school. However, the mom can claim for the fees in case of kid transfer to another school.

College savings account

This option allows the parents to save after tax money which then grow tax free and remains tax free if it’s for tuition fees

Talk to children about their future and money saving

Involving them in their future saving will enable them learn valuable money management skills which can greatly impact their financial future.

If every working mom would practice the above tips, their kids would have a safe and a secure future. However, if you are single or separated mom and saving for your kid’s future but you still encounter financial difficulties, call child support agency using child support contact for help.

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Why Is Toughened Glass Used In Glass Pool Fencing?

If you have decided that glass pool fencing is the perfect way to enclose your swimming pool area, you might be wondering why special panes are used instead of the standard glass that is used elsewhere around your home. After all, wouldn’t this be a far cheaper option? Whilst it certainly would be, it is important to understand that toughened panels have been selected (and legally mandated) for a very specific reason.

Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing

What is toughened glass?

Firstly, we felt it was important to explain what toughened panes actually are (just in case you have never encountered them before). Basically, the process begins with a standard sheet of float glass in the required thickness for the application. The sheet is prepared, sized and shaped according to the customer’s requirements. This includes any cutting, drilling of holes and working of edges (such as polished, ground, arrised and beveled).

Once the pane has been toughened, it cannot be re-worked. This means that it cannot be cut, drilled or re-shaped.

The sheet of float glass is then laid flat on some rollers and fed into a furnace, which heats it to around 620 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature at which glass reaches its melting point. The molten pane is then fed into a quenching chamber where it is rapidly cooled using high-pressure cool air. This sudden temperature change causes the surface to contract rapidly, inducing compressive stresses whilst the centre remains in tension.

It is these stresses that cause the sheet to be toughened. It actually comes out 4 to 5 times stronger than it was before.


Why is toughened glass used?

There are actually a number of reasons why toughened panes are used in the construction of glass pool fencing. Firstly, it is more resistant to impact stress, which means that it will not break easily. You have to keep in mind that the purpose of the fencing is to keep unauthorised persons outside of the pool area; if the panes could be easily broken, this would defeat the purpose. This will also help to prevent accidental breakage from occurring.

If one of the panes were to break, it will split into tiny cubes with rounded edges rather than big shards that could potentially cut someone.

Secondly, toughened panes are more resistant to temperature changes than standard ones. This actually links to the above point regarding strength, as glass can shatter if it goes from being cold to hot (or vice versa) too quickly. The toughening process ensures that such a situation will never occur, even in the height of summer or winter. The surface will also remain relatively cool to the touch, ensuring that burns will not occur.

As you can see, toughened sheets are used in glass pool fencing for good reason – they are designed to protect both the swimming pool from unauthorised entry and your loved ones from injury. If you are interested in erecting this type of fencing in your backyard, ensure that your contractor is using toughened panes (although they are sometimes known as tempered). This will ensure that your barrier is safe and complies with all laws and regulations.

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Tips for Choosing Boardroom Tables Melbourne

The boardroom is the place where all the meetings are held in an office. The furniture present in the room should be such that allows for easy communication in between the people attending the meeting. The boardroom table in particular is of extreme importance and must be functional as well as elegant in design. This type of table must be bought with extreme care as it is a considerable investment. There are a number of things that you would have to watch out for when buying boardroom tables Melbourne. The following are some of the tips that are going to come in handy when choosing the right boardroom table for your meeting room.

The first tip that must be kept in mind when buying boardroom tables is to purchase them according to your needs. Calculate the measurements of your room and then decide which type and size of table is going to look good in your meeting room. If you have a very large meeting room then it is best to have a rectangular table while for a small meeting room a circular or octagonal table would look good. You would also have keep in mind the number of people that are going to attend the meetings as well when selecting a boardroom table. For instance, if there are more than ten people that will attend your meetings each day then it is essential that you have a large boardroom table to accommodate them all. You would also have to make sure that you have an adequate number of office chairs Melbourne to seat the people in the meeting room as well.

The second tip that should be remembered when purchasing boardroom tables Melbourne is their quality. The tables must be made from a material that is sturdy and can bear any kind of weight. The material of the table should have a nice finish on top of it as well so that it looks elegant as well. The boardroom table is going to play an important role in projecting a good image of your company and therefore it should be very beautiful to look at. Moreover, the conference table must be easy to maintain as well. The top of the table should have a covering on it that stops it from getting stained and allows the workers to get it cleaned quickly before a meeting.

The third tip that can help you in buying a good boardroom table is to buy it online. When shopping for the table on the internet, you are going to get the chance to choose your table from a very large collection. This will allow you to choose your table wisely and according to your budget. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to have your table delivered to your office as well which is a lot more convenient then having to get the table from a store. Thus, if you want to buy a quality boardroom table for an affordable price then you will have to buy it from an online dealer.

A leader in the commercial and business furniture market, offer customers a collection of excellent, high quality furniture solutions designed for today’s environment. With manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, they are able to provide a national focus with a natural distribution network that is second to none.

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Using a Dust Extractor

Dust nowadays can cause a lot of problems especially when it is all over your home or office. In fact, removing dust from a certain surface is a big headache, especially if you don’t know what to use or don’t have any knowledge in dealing with these dusty problems. The good news is you don’t need to sit down and watch dust take over your home or office. There are tools invented to help you solve your dusty nightmares. One of the tools you can use is a dust extractor.

What is a dust extractor in the first place? As its name suggests, a dust extractor extracts dust from any surface. It’s somewhat similar to the conventional vacuum cleaner that we all have at home but the difference is, a dust extractor deals solely with dust. Unlike a regular vacuum cleaner, which can extract almost everything that would fit through its mouth, a good dust extractor can determine what dust is, and what’s not. This way, you can avoid extracting particles and substances that are not supposed to be removed using the dust extractor. When your dust extractor accidentally extracts something that is not dust, it can cause unthinkable damage to the tool and having it repaired does not come in cheap. In fact, buying a brand new dust extractor isn’t cheap either so you definitely have to carefully use it to prevent unwanted damages and further expenses.

Using the dust extractor, especially the one that belongs to the product line-up of Can am Drywall Tools is definitely as easy as 1-2-3. Some dust extractors are battery operated which allow the users to bring and use it in almost every area where dusts can be found. Just put in the needed batteries, turn the tool on and the next thing you know, you’re already extracting dust like you’re only relaxing. Other dust extractors operate using electricity. You just have to plug it to the right socket and dust can be removed like wild ants. These dust extractors vary in sizes and powers. Regardless of what the customer needs from a typical dust extractor, it can get the job done especially if you chose the one from Can am Drywall Tools. It’s a good choice. It can definitely get the job done more efficiently than ones from other makers of dust extractors in the market today.

Removing dust using dust extractors is one thing; maintaining the perfect condition of the dust extractor itself is certainly another thing. To maintain the perfect working condition of any dust extractor, make sure that you constantly remove the extracted dust from the tool and clean both the interior and exterior parts of the tool. This way, nothing can hinder the extracting process. Also, store the tool properly and keep it from dropping because it can damage the extractor itself. If you have a well-maintained dust extractor and you certainly have the sufficient knowledge on how to deal with your dusty problems, you and your trusty dust extractor can be a perfect dynamic duo against the nagging dust.

Proplaster, an Australian born and bred company established in 1993, are a specialist supplier to the Australian plastering industry that are leading the market in providing solutions for their customers through an affordable, quality range of products and services. With their customers as their first priority, they are dedicated to good service, honouring commitments, accountability, as well as conducting themselves with integrity.

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10 Ways To Make Your Built In Wardrobe Look More Expensive

For most homeowners, built in wardrobes are an essential storage solution for each of their bedrooms (often because there isn’t enough room for everyone to have their own walk in one). If you believe that your wardrobes are looking a little cheap (even though they probably set you back a few hundred dollars at least), use some of these tips to make them look more expensive:

Laura plain wardrobe doors, image credit

  • Open Shelving – Integrating your robes with open shelving (for storing all of the non-apparel knick-knacks) can actually go a long way towards making the space look like something out of a design magazine.
  • Vintage Additions – For homes that have been done in a traditional style, some vintage additions could be what you’ve been looking for. Antique handles and molding can actually make a world of difference.
  • Mirror Applique – Most bedrooms lack a mirror, so why not install one on the front of your wardrobe? A full length mirror is a great choice, or you could be creative and install the mirror in squares or rectangles.
  • Wallpaper Features – One of the best ways to dress up a wardrobe is through the addition of wallpaper. Cover the inside of the doors for a chic look or cover the outside so that the structure blends into the wall.
  • Hardware Switch – Sometimes, all your built in wardrobe needs is some new hardware. By swapping out the handles for something a little more decorative or even modern, the structure will have a whole new look.
  • Holiday Inspiration – Feel free to take inspiration from everywhere, especially when you’re on holidays. If you’re staying in a hotel or resort with stunning wardrobes, take a photo for referencing a later date.
  • Bright Lighting – Including lighting inside your wardrobe will not only make it easier to see all your clothes, it will make the space seem brighter and feel bigger. LED lighting is a great option for hidden illumination.
  • Padded Fabric – This look is all the rage at the moment, so why not cover the doors of your wardrobe in some 3D textured and press studded fabric? This will instantly give the structure a luxe appearance.
  • Colour Matters – A fresh coat of paint is sometimes all that is needed to make your wardrobes look a million dollars. Choose a color that complements the bedroom or makes the robe really stand out.
  • Storage Solutions – Finally, the inside of your robe can be made to look completely custom with the addition of some storage solutions, such as hanging rails, shelving, drawers, hooks, baskets and many more.

Regardless of how much you spent on your built in custom wardrobes, if you think that they look a little cheap and nasty we hope that some of the above tips will come in handy. It really doesn’t take much for the structure to look quite expensive and customized, you just have to put in a little elbow grease. Are there any other ideas that you can think of to include in the list?

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Must-See Natural Spots in Tasmania, Australia

Head south of Australia to the rough island of Tasmania and find a fortune trove of travel encounters.

The island has a ton to offer the inquisitive voyager, from the rough view of Cradle Mountain to the serene shorelines of the east drift to the totally wild south. €tassie€ (as the Australians call it) additionally has abundant untamed life, a flourishing expressions scene, and numerous gourmet restaurants. The principle city of Hobart was the second European settlement in Australia, and contains a lot of people decently protected memorable destinations.

FMO_090530_195547, image by Gitzo

Appreciate the Great Outdoors

There is probably a best aspect regarding Tasmania is its characteristic excellence. This island is completely flooding with shocking perspectives and wild places untouched by man. There are numerous open doors for getting a charge out of Mother Nature in Tasmania, for example, bushwalking, kayaking, rafting, cycling and then some.

West Coast

Tasmania’s west drift is still to a great extent tough and undeveloped. That makes for the ideal setting for those with an adoration for the outside. Included in an one-million-section of land World Heritage Area, you’ll find extraordinary rapids simply disagreeing explored. Notwithstanding the sheer escapade of this really untamed whitewater, you’ll likewise take in astonishing rock creations and also overhanging bluffs and a plenitude of natural life.

Favor a more edified approach to see the range? Maybe a catamaran voyage is more to your enjoying. As you cruise the Gordon River, you’ll view segments of rainforest that brag different creature and vegetation local to this region. Kayaking, paddling and surfing are likewise well known leisure activities.

Hastings Caves

For sod huggers, professionally guided voyages through Hastings Caves are a fantastic approach to view the zone. Bring your camera as you’ll need to snap a lot of photographs of the lovely flowstone, stalactites, segments, shawls, straws, stalagmites and the uncommon helictites.

Never seen until 1917 – when the hole was found by diggers – Hastings Caves have been equipped to suit guests. Stairs and lighting are set up to permit you to get up close and individual with this bewildering topographical sight.

When your visit is finished, take a pleasant, long absorb the close-by warm pool. Splendidly directed by Mother Nature, this pool keeps up a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82.5 degrees Fahrenheit) year round.

Social Sights

For the individuals who would rather encompass themselves with society rather than escapade, you’re in good fortune: Tasmania serves up bounty! Journalists, specialists and entertainers bring a wondrous blend of dramatization, workmanship and music to guests from all around the globe. From display centers to exhibitions, you’ll discover innovativeness and magnificence every step of the way.

To further your investment, visit one of the numerous wineries or vineyards in the zone. Because of a remarkable atmosphere of inexhaustible daylight, rich soil and clean water; Tasmania gloats some world-class vintages.

Waterfall Gorge Reserve

You’ve never seen such a great amount of wild inside a city. Only two-minutes far from the city of Launceton is a heaven ordinarily not discovered so near metropolitan life. The Cataract Gorge tears open from level territory into soak bluffs and hurrying water. Climb or repulse the Gorge, visit the greenery tree knolls by foot or take a restful stroll over the extension.

While you are in Hobart, make certain to look at one of the incredible storehouses that this city brings to the table.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery has a stunning mint piece accumulation and shows about creatures one of a kind to Tasmania, for example, the Tasmanian Devil and the Tasmanian Tiger. The Maritime Museum of Tasmania will show all of you about the ocean faring history of this Australian state, and the Museum of Old and New Art will display some option and disputable craft that will make youth

To get to Tasmania you need to apply for the australia ETA visas by simply going online and filling the application forms available.

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Why Choose Fibreglass for Indoor Pools in Melbourne

Choosing the perfect pool is a decision that one needs to think about carefully. For the majority of homes, it is usually a onetime investment. Recently, fibreglass swimming pools Melbourne have been a popular choice amongst most people.

DSCF0085, image by VASTEC USA

Swimming pools can be customised into various types; fibreglass, in ground, above ground, vinyl, and concrete. Some people want to invest in the construction of an indoor pool for a number of reasons. Indoor pools Melbourne are seemingly a feasible option because of the fact that they can be used throughout the entire year, without the usage being affected by harsh weather conditions.

Fibreglass in Indoor Pools

Indoor pools can be constructed using a number of techniques and types depending on your choice. It is generally considered that fibreglass based indoor pools are a reliable and effective option.
The most important thing in a swimming pool is to maintain it in a manner that will make this investment an asset for your home for the coming decades. However, most people consider this task to be arduous, especially for an indoor pool.

Which is the reason why investing in a fibreglass based indoor pool will save you a number of hassles that come along with renovation and maintenance repairs. Basic maintenance involves tasks like

• Water pH maintenance
• Alkalinity
• Calcium Hardness

If issues like the above mentioned are not taken care of, corrosion of the pump, filter, and the surface of the pool occurs. Traditionally, indoor pools have a marble base that have the tendency to be damaged if the water balance is not managed.

Fibreglass, on the other hand, can be used to line the base of the pool to avoid issues related to corrosion, etc. A new lease is given on the life of the pool if fibreglass investment is considered. People who already have indoor pools can benefit from using fibreglass linings without having to construct an entirely new pool.
Vinyl pools used to be the most common option of pool surface a couple of decades ago. People suffering from the time, energy, and cost of maintaining a vinyl-based pool need not worry anymore because these types can be lined with fibreglass liners too. Though the base of the pool will have to be plastered with concrete, it is still the best option to avoid huge replacement costs.

Fibreglass is made up of a form of plastic that does not allow algae to stick to its surface. It is so smooth that microbe related impurities could simply be brushed off.
Indoor pools require regular monitoring and maintenance because they are used throughout the year without submitting to factors of harsh weather conditions. It is wise to invest in a material that will not prove to be taxing during maintenance. Here, at SeaSpray, we offer you a number of proposals suitable to your requirements. Explore our website and find out how we can help your pool be an asset for the years to come. Call us to book an appointment for consultation and we will be happy to guide you to the best of our abilities!

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Creative Staircase Designs Provide Inspiration For Your Project

These days, homeowners are increasingly looking at creative and unique staircase designs for their homes. As well as helping this ordinary household feature turn into a statement or artistic piece, it can actually add a lot of value to the home (which is great if you’re thinking about selling). If you are in the process of looking at designs, we have compiled a list of some staircases that are starting to increase in popularity.

Take it from the top image by Martin Turner

  1. Portable
    If the space that the staircase leads to is not used all that often (perhaps it’s a loft for guest accommodation or it’s a storage area), you might like to consider a portable design. The structure can be wheeled (and locked) into place when you need access to the space, and then it can be tucked away someplace else when not in use.
  2. Library
    If you are the kind of person who has their own home library, a staircase design that incorporates this could be the perfect storage solution. Line the sides of the flight with shelving, which also gives you the opportunity to display your collection. You could even turn the treads themselves into additional book nooks.
  3. Abstract
    If you are a fan of abstract and minimalist art, you might also be a fan of a staircase that incorporates similar sentiments. A ribbon design is quite popular, which involves the treads all being connected and zigzagging their way up to the next level. The treads that you step on must be flat, but the others may be angled.
  4. Floating
    If your home is more on the modern side and you don’t want to ruin this theme with an ugly, chunky staircase you could opt for a floating design. This involves the treads being anchored directly into the guide wall, without any other means of support. You must be very careful when putting this together, however.
  5. Slide
    If the main use of the upstairs of your home is for your children, why not make it fun for them to come downstairs for school or dinner? Alongside the spiral staircase that traverses between the levels of your home, add a slide. When it’s time to come downstairs, your kids just have to jump on the slide and ride it all the way down.
  6. Storage
    If you have a lot of objects that you need to store (besides books), you could find this sort of staircase design ideal. Why not incorporate drawers into the treads? Or shelving on the outside of the flight, if it’s open? Or hidden cupboards if you don’t want the items to be on show? There are plenty of ideas out there.

The traditional purpose of a staircase is to allow people to get from one level of a building to another. These days, however, design has taken on a whole new meaning with all of the other options that are available to you. After browsing the staircase designs that we have compiled in the above list (and perhaps some others that you have come across in your own research), we hope that you have plenty of ideas to work with for your own project. You can also speak with an architect for more inspiration.

Gowling Stairs specialize in all type of modern staircase and external balustrading design have a 25 years exp. in Melbourne, Australia.

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How To Plan Your Commercial Office Fitout

Has your workplace been looking a little out of date of late? Have you been struggling to find room for all those extra employees? A commercial office fitout could be the solution to all your problems, but it can prove to be a stressful project if you haven’t properly planned for it. We have outlined some important steps for planning your fitout with success in mind:

  1. Set some project goals
    You need to determine exactly what you want to achieve with the fitout – do you want to reinforce the branding of your business, to increase the motivation and productivity of your employees, to make more space for new employees? Keep a list of all your project goals somewhere visible.
  2. Keep a checklist
    You should list down all of the requirements you need to meet alongside some matching timelines. It should also be noted that you might need some of the work to be completed after hours so that your employees can work undisturbed during normal work hours.
  3. Never compromise on quality
    Whilst there is nothing wrong with trying to keep the costs of your fitout down, you should never compromise on the quality of your furniture and fixtures. You will find that purchasing high quality items actually saves you money in the long run, as these things will not need to be replaced.
  4. Include everything in your budget
    There are a number of things that are often forgotten when determining a commercial office fitout budget, including IT infrastructure, telephone and power outlets, and storage cabinets. These can prove an unexpected cost if you forget to incorporate them from the beginning.
  5. Do your research
    You will need to undertake thorough research to ensure that you have selected the most appropriate furniture and fixtures for your fitout. If you are employing a contractor to undertake the project for you, it can also help to speak with some of their past clients for some reviews.
  6. Consider safety first
    Before starting work on the fitout, it is vital that you have addressed the safety requirements of your building (such as the placement of sprinklers, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and exit signs). You should also consider where non-slip floor surfaces and other signs are required.
  7. Consult with an expert contractor
    It is of the utmost importance that you hire an office fitout professional to undertake your project, as trying to complete works yourself (more often than not) ends in disaster. A contractor will ensure that your budget and timeline are adhered to, as well as having access to better deals.

Now that you know the best way to plan your upcoming commercial office fitout, you can rest assured that the whole process will go as smoothly as possible, that you won’t go over budget and that it will be finished on time. If there is only one piece of advice that you take away from this article, make sure that you contact a fitout expert – they will ensure that all of the other points occur.

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