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Hero’s family wants to start a charity

Mr Petkov The family of the man who drowned saving a girl at west wittering beach has said they want to start up a charity for awareness of the threat at the sea.

The family other made a visit to where the brave man died and they were shocked to see people swimming in that area regardless of having caution flags in place.

A family spokesman said: “We are all incredibly sad to have lost such a special person from our lives but we are also immensely proud that Plamen was able to save the life of this young child.

The story was that a girl was on an inflatable and had some difficulty, Mr Petkov didn’t think a second to think and jumped in the water he got a hold of the girl and passed her to another rescuer, but exhausted he was taken in by the sea.

The women of the chiled tried to resuscitate Perkov but were unsuccessful.


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